Freakish Friday Monster Mash: Toxic Avenger vs. Jurassic World

Freakish Friday Monster Mash: Toxic Avenger vs. Jurassic World

Ok so I love movies! I am not a big fan of watching on mobile devices, I love going to the cinema  to have the full visual experience and share all the emotions, chills and thrills with my fellow humans who made the same cinematic choice I did.

So when I saw that the BFI was showing Troma's The Toxic Avenger I had a chuckle: This trashy, gory and silly movie plays at the British Film Institute?! I had to book my ticket... 

This movie brings back fond memories of the movie nights I used to organise whilst being still at school. I would rent some disgusting movie on VHS from the weird video store  across the street and would shock my friends with it: Street Trash, Re-Animator, Toxic Avenger, Bad Taste… 18+ video nasties with a low budget and high trash level.

I just loved the feeling of watching something forbidden and weird and the "oh crap" moments these movies provided with their crude exploding heads and severed limbs. Being it the homeless guy melting on the toilet in Street Trash, the cracked skull in the gym in Toxic Avenger or the disgusting puke soup in Bad Taste: There were plenty of moments that became the thing of legend for being so… bad taste! 

So how does this connect to Jurassic World you might ask?

As Toxic Avenger finished quite early I thought I could round off Movie Friday™ by squeezing in another flick from my to-do list: Jurassic World. On my way to the cinema I though: Well that's fun! Two movies featuring green monsters in a day! 

To keep a long review short: Jurassic World was dull dull DULL! Every twist and turn I saw coming from miles away and I really wonder how many corrupt scientists and asshole army guys I need to see on the screen before  script writers realise that all these cookie cutter stereotypes are PLAYED OUT and just not entertaining anymore!

So if you ask me which movie I enjoyed more that day: A trashy 80ties low budget movie with a silly story that was made on a shoe string budget or a highly polished block buster based on a thrilling premise which had all the money and talent in the world? I must say Toxie won bloody mutated hands down!

And this is for one reason: Originality! I want to be surprised, I want to see new spins on old concepts or crazy moments that will stay with me long after the movie is over. For that reason I still feel Mad Max: Fury Road was awesome and totally badass. George Miller just added enough trash sensibility into his movie to create images that stay with you whilst making the action so outrageous and intense to keep you on the edge of the seat.

Same applies for  another franchise I love because it's so horrible and shouldn't work: The Fast & The Furious. They embrace the trashy premise of pumped up dudes racing in cars by amping up the outrageousness to 11 and having fun with it. Yes I am talking about you crazy skyscraper car jump!

When Jurassic Park came out in 1993 they knew what they were making: A movie about dinosaurs eating humans. It had the wow effect of seeing lifelike dinos for the first time and added some pretty pulpy and gory deaths… let me just say: T-Rex vs toilet!

Sequels need to stop relying on reheating scenes and concepts we already seen a million times in their attempt to try to wow us. Jurassic World failed to add some hot sauce to it's dino DNA so what should have been a fun pulpy romp became just a massive snooze fest.

Can't wait for all the other sequels to beloved franchises that will make the same damn mistake all over again… #terminatorgenisys!

Rant over and out...

Toxic Avenger Verdict: 7.5 / 10

A trash classic. Nobody wore a burned pink ballerina dress better...

Jurassic World Verdict: 2.5 / 10

Jurassic Bore! Stick to the originals...

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