A Solaris100 Solo Show

5.8. - 13.8.2022
K-OZ Galerie Hamburg

Beim Grünen Jäger 11-13

20359 Hamburg​

Solaris100 transforms the Hamburg K-OZ Gallery in St.Pauli into his own creative living room for 8 days only!

On show: Painted canvasses, art toys, modified album covers, sprayed 7″ vinyl and much more.

There will be something fun to do  every day as well. From. watching cool movies on VHS tape, doodling together or dancing in the gallery. 

Check the program below for more info!

The show will be open every day from 12am – 8pm


Friday 5.8.

7pm – Open End

Saturday 6.8.
Solaris Soundsystem
8pm – Open End

Sunday 7.8.
Hangover Hangout
1pm – 8pm

Monday 8.8.
VHS Cinema: Wildstyle
8pm – 11pm

Tuesday 9.8.
Live Scribbling
8pm – 11pm

Wednesday 10.8.
Bring You Own Vinyl
8pm – 11pm

Thursday 11.8.
VHS Cinema: Kung Fu Flicks
8pm – 11pm

Friday 12.8.
Solaris Soundsystem Disco
8pm – Open End

Saturday 13.8.
7pm – Open End