C’est ne pas un SUPREME

  Illustration by Tomii Studio
Illustration by Tomii Studio

I don’t know if it’s my age creeping up to me, but the whole current Streetwear game leaves me pretty cold these days: There is just nothing out there that excites me! But maybe that’s because I spend already half my life obsessing about brands and woke up to the fact that it’s a never stopping hamster wheel of craving the next hype item… and then what? 

Once acquired, the magic quickly fades and you have another overpriced piece of stuff gathering dust on your shelf. True story.

Still, me slagging off brands would be a massive hypocrisy: I love brands and their beautifully designed logos that trigger a pavlovian reaction whenever I come across them. Those little condensed nuggets of meaning and belonging that are universally understood and instantly get my excitement levels up with their promise of worth and desirability!

They are a bit like Jellybeans: Devoid of any real nutrition, but packed with artificially heightened flavor that keeps you hooked and come back for more!

So although I try to stick to more accessible and neutral brands like Uniqlo these days I still love a well branded item. And actually, the sillier the item the better! And who is the KING of silly branded items? Oh yes, that must be Supreme…

With it’s bold branding ripped off ehhh INSPIRED by the collage art of Barbara Krüger, Supreme has the perfect identity to splash over basically any item they goddamn want to! 

The Supreme hype is so strong that it even corrupts the minds of vegan saints like Morrissey: How shocking to see him switch to the dark side of shameless brand advertising! I understand Moz though… everybody just loves a crisp box logo tee. Especially when you don’t have to queue for it!

Supreme’s accessoires game really leaves me flabbergasted season after season: Do they have a designated dude who is just employed to smoke a lot of weed and dreams up all these weird items? Toothpicks, Post-It Notes, Fire Extinguishers… BRICKS?!

This randomness sometimes propels the company for me from mundane brand expression to, dare I say it, art. Maybe head honcho James Jebbia is really more of a fine artist embracing Dadaism instead of being the boss of a fashion retail empire?

Who knows such things. All I know is that the following items are all legit and got released by Supreme at some point in time. Crazy! Especially the latest collection has some real winners: That Supreme brick is just fantastic as a bold exercise in showcasing the power of logos and branding.

Now as fun as the above items are, I feel Supreme should stop holding back and go a bit further! I have my own wishlist of household Supreme items I personally want to see on the shelves…

Here are my Top 5 items I still want to see released:

1. Supreme Bucket™ – Mundane yet essential in any flat or house. Instant CLASSIC! 

2. Supreme Teabags™ – Getting teabagged was never so HYPE!

3. Supreme Toaster™ – Seriously Supreme… why is this not existing already?

4. Braun x Supreme Heater™ – Supreme brings some heat… again!

5. Dunhill x Supreme Tie™ – Because everybody needs a day job to afford all this stuff!

More Streetwear FYAH! can be spotted here: http://www.supremenewyork.com

Shoutout to www.tomiistudio.com for creating amazing streetwear based illustrations!

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